One Piece – Nami Sp4

Nami Sp4 Japanese Name : ナミの航海日誌すぺしゃる 4 Circle : ACID-HEAD Authors : Murata Release Date : 2005/12/30 Characters : Nami x random pirates Content : Gang-bang, big breasts



Soul Eater – Trigger Happy

Japanese Name : トリガーハッピー Circle : Search Light Authors : Kurosaki Kotora Release Date : 2008/06/05 Characters : Liz Thompson x Patty Thompson x Maka Albarn Content : Belly expansion, big breasts, gun insertion, sex toys, yuri

One Piece – Through the Wall

Circle : Rojiura Jack Authors : Jun Release Date : 2009/08/16 Characters : Luffy x Hancock + Marguerite, Zorro x Perona Content : Big breasts, harem, paizuri, translated



And we’re back!

Hey guys! Sorry for being closed… One year? The database totally blew up, and getting it back was quite complicated. Anyway, we are back, so get ready for new updates coming soon!

All Stars Piece 3

Back to one piece! so what have today? First, Love² Hurricane is really good: art is awesome, it’s translated, and it’s about Hancock and Luffy – best couple ever; and this circle is quite famous, I intend on getting more of their doujins here Then, Majimeya Juu and Majimeya Kan are about Nami getting… unlucky […]

one piece 09

Mazorobi - 022

One Piece – Mazorobi

Japanese Name : まぞろび Circle : HeMeLoPa Authors : Yamada Shiguma Release Date : 2007/08/19 Characters : Futa Nami x Robin Content : Big breasts, bound woman, fucked silly, futanari

One Piece – Marine Battle

Circle : AXZ Authors : Kannagi Kyouichi Release Date : 2000/10/29 Characters : Nami x Usopp + Luffy + Sanji + Zorro, and pics of minor characters Content : Gangbang, collar

Marine Battle - 035

Majimeya Kan - 026

One Piece – Majimeya Kan

Japanese Name : 真面目屋・甘 Circle : Majimeya Authors : Isao Release Date : 2004/04/29 Characters : Nami x futa-Robin (and a monkey from Foxy’s crew) Content : Big breasts, bound woman, futanari

One Piece – Majimeya Juu

Japanese Name : 真面目屋・柔 Circle : Majimeya Authors : Isao Release Date : 2004/03/14 Characters : Nami x Foxy + crew Content : Big breasts, gangbang, random guys

Majimeya Juu - 023

Love 2 Hurricane - 34

One Piece – Love² Hurricane

Japanese Name : LOVE² Hurricane!! Circle : Gold Rush Authors : Suzuki Address Release Date : 2009/08/16 Characters : Hancock x Luffy Content : Bound man, lingerie, love, straight sex

Full Tsunade Power 1

Well, it sometimes happens, this time is totally focused on Tsunade, so be warned… there will be breasts. First are “Ketsu! Megaton Nin” and “Ketsu! Megaton Nin Nin” from the Ketsu! Megaton series, which features a really good story of Pierre Norano, and then guests’ stories Then is “Kibun wa mou Onsen” from Naruhodo, who […]


Koki no Tane 6 - 026

Naruto – Koki no Tane 6

Japanese Name : コキの種 六の巻 Circle : Evolution brand Authors : ネムネムR, Misutake Release Date : 2004/08/15 Characters : Naruto x Shizune + Tsunade Content : Shotacon, big breasts