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Guru Guru Midara Houjou - 67

Naruto – Guru Guru Midara Houjou

Japanese Name : ぐるグル淫法帖 Circle : Unknown Authors : Rui Tanaka, Iroha Tamanoi, Mak Release Date : 2001/08/11 Characters : I can’t list everyone, since it changes too much. At the end, there is a long Kurenai + Hinata x unseen guys scene. Else, you will also see Kiba, Neji, Anko, Ino, and a lot […]

One Piece – Jump Dynamite Silver – Man Piece

Circle : Dynamite Honey Authors : Gaigaitai Release Date : 2001/05/13 Characters : Yuria (Hokuto no Ken) x lots of punks, Ryotsu x Reiko (Kochikame), Neji x Hinata (Naruto), Nami x all the crew Content : Ganbang, straight sex, incest, big breasts