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Final Fantasy VII – Final Fantasy Heaven

Circle : Okazu Club Authors : Mita Kousuke, Mita Ryuusuke, nico, Ogishi Release Date : 1997/08/15 Characters : Tifa x Cloud, Aerith x Cloud Content : Straight sex, Crossdressing

Final Fantasy Heaven - 59

Gekokujou Dynamite 34

Bleach – Gekokujou Dynamite

Japanese Name : 下剋上ダイナマイト (“gekokujou” is a sort of pun, meaning “younger dominating older” as well as “inferior dominating her lord”, referring to Hitsugaya looking like younger than Matsumoto, but being her captain ^^ and well, he is dominated all the same) Circle : Chika Sekai Authors : Paruko Nagashima Release Date : 2006/12/30 Characters […]