Hinakore 8

One Piece – Hinakore 8

Japanese Name : ひなこれ8 Circle : Unknown ( 華懐楼 ) Authors : Unknown Release Date : 2002 Characters : Perona, Kalifa, Nami, Captain Hina, Conis, Nico Robin Content : Illustration book, Pregnant, Sex toys, Glasses, Thigh highs

Code Geass update   Recently updated !

I know this serie’s getting quite old, but man… these girls are so cool :p (although the pair Milly/Shirley really looks like the pair Rangiku/Orihime) And I can’t get enough of these doujins, so here we go First is really loli, so be careful if you’re not into that kind […]

Code Geass


Fate Update   Recently updated !

It’s been a long time since the last Fate update, and Black 99% remainded me of the good quality of the characters There’s a lot of different characters in this update;  although Rin and Saber are quite present, Caster, Rider, Taiga, and others also do their share ^^ Most of […]

Fate Stay Night – DL Action 27.rar 2

Circle : Digital Lover Authors : Nakajima Yuka Release Date : 2004/10/03 Characters : Kuzuki Souichirou x Caster, Rin x Kokutou Mikiya Content : Straight sex, Bound man, pointy ears, Pigtails

DL Action 27

Dance with Maid Servant

Fate Stay Night – Dance with Maid Servant.rar 2

Circle : R-Works Authors : ROS Release Date : 2007/12/31 Characters : Saber x Shirou, Taiga x unseen guy, Nagase Kei (Ace Combat 5) x unseen guy Content : Maid, Glasses, Big breasts, Straight sex