bleach 07

Bleach Update

I’ve decided that the next updates would be exclusively Bleach ad One Piece ; when I will add a lot more of these series, I will go back to other series as usual, you can comment if you’d like another series to be focused on ^^

Bleach – Gotei 13tai Shinigami Otome Hakusho 2

  Japanese Name : 護廷十三隊死神乙女白書 2 Circle : Lady Vermilion Authors : Hana matsuri Mamiko, Kojimaaya Release Date : 2005/12/30 Characters : Ichigo x Yachiru, Hinamori x Toushirou Content : Loli, Straight sex, Small breasts

Gotei 13tai Shinigami Otome Hakusho 2

Chuushaki to Jikkentai to Mayuri-sama no Jikken Teki Nichijoo - 01

Bleach – Chuushaki to Jikkentai to Mayuri-sama …no Jikken Teki Nichijoo

Japanese Name : ちゅうしゃきと じっけんたいと マユリさま…の実験的日常 Circle : Kashi Pan Koubou Authors : East Kin Release Date : 2008/07/28 Characters : Nel x Ichigo, Nel x Mayuri Kurotsuchi Content :

Queen’s Blade

Okay, the lack of update is not entirely my fault… Front mission 4 is too addictive a game. Joke aside, here is a queen’s blade update, with less known charcaters than usually (Allyne, Airi…) enjoy !

queen's blade 01